When people ask about my story or what is the drive behind the company, the first thought that comes to mind is the memory of my childhood especially of my father coming back from his numerous trips with the gift of a little jewel for each one of his daughters. It’s an old tradition in Italy to give jewelry as gifts and a smart choice as they hold a value overtime. I believe my Italian parents implanted the seed as the fascination for jewelry never left me

My attitude towards jewelry has more to do with emotions than value. To say it simple: if it fits and enhances one’s personnality then just wear it! And that goes for a 5ct diamond engagement ring or a double strand of SouthSea pearls, as long as it makes a person feel good.

My collection is a representation of carefully curated meaningful pieces mostly old, some new, each one with that special someone in mind. I have an obvious preference for color and for bold statement- like pieces, as long as they deliver the necessary touch of class. The idea is to be able to wear it with the famous white tee and pair of jeans outfit, because jewelry is supposed to be fun and not overly serious.

Speaking of diamonds, I favor the old: the old cushion, the old mine cut, the old european cut, the old rosecut, the ones who were on someone else’s hand or neck before reaching our desk, the ones with a story and good karma. I am instinctively drawn to them, regardless of their imperfections and color. What I see instead is love, romance and uniqueness as not two diamonds are alike and it adds a rarety factor to each stone.

My traveling schedule is as frantic as it is exhilarating. I constantly hunt to find these one of a kind timeless jewels, and bring them to an educated crowd. 

I strive for my business as a whole to be highly competitive and honest, to provide excellent and ethical customer service knowing that our clients are our most valuable asset.

On a lighter note, let me just say that jewelry puts always a smile on one’s face, always! and that is a beautiful thing!